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Date added: 6-9-'10

Boston Whaler 110

Brand: Boston Whaler
Model: 110
The highly maneuverable 110 Sport boat features a fiberglass console with a steering wheel and a standard 25-horsepower FourStroke Mercury outboard, plus 316-L stainless steel rails, hardware and other yacht-quality components. It offers superior stability in a small, easily davitable size and weight. However you use it, it's a fun runabout that makes an excellent launch and is suitable for all kinds of activities.

LOA: 11' 4" (3.4m)Beam: 5' 6" (1.7 m)
Draft:7" (.18 m)Weight (dry):460 lbs (208 kg)
Swamped Capacity:1200 lbs (544 kg)Persons Capacity:4
Max. Horsepower:25 HP (18 kW)Max. Weight Capacity:845 lbs (383.2 kg)
Fuel Capacity:3.3 gallons (12.4 L)Max. Engine Weight:180 lbs (81.6 kg)

Date added: 6-9-'10

Boston Whaler 130 Super Sport

Brand: Boston Whaler
Model: Super Sport130
The 130 Super Sport is one boat that gives you endless opportunities - because it lets you be a part of the design team. Start with a finely built, beautifully designed, unsinkable Whaler®. Then deck it out just the way you want. Our modular design concept features add-on accessories that are a cinch to order online and install yourself, so customizing your boat is a breeze. No matter how you want to spend a day on the water, this Super Sport will fit your style.

LOA: 13' 3" (4.03 m)Beam: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Draft:7" (.17 m)Weight (dry):640 lbs (290 kg)
Swamped Capacity:1600 lbs (726 kg)Persons Capacity:4
Max. Horsepower:40 HP (30 kW)Max. Weight Capacity:933 lbs (423 kg)
Fuel Capacity:6.6 gallons (24.9 L)Max. Engine Weight:235 lbs (107 kg)

Date added: 6-9-'10

Boston Whaler 170 Super Sport

Brand: Boston Whaler
Model: Super Sport 170
The new 170 Super Sport is a big 17-footer that is as versatile, customizable and unsinkable as they come. The standard boat is expertly rigged for fun and functionality with upscale features and room for seven people. In addition, you can pick from a long list of enticing options to make the boat all your own. Choose from a bucket sport seat, carry-on livewell, poling platform, wakeboard rack, colored hull wrap and more. Fish in the morning, then pull your friends around on a wakeboard in the afternoon. With the new 170, boating excitement isn't just possible - it's probable.

LOA: 17' 0" (5.18m)Beam: 6' 10" (2.08 m)
Draft:9" (.23 m)Weight (dry):1150 lbs (521 kg)
Swamped Capacity:3500 lbs (1588 kg)Persons Capacity:7
Max. Horsepower:90 HP (67.11 kW)Max. Weight Capacity:1570 lbs (712 kg)
Fuel Capacity:12-gallons (45.42 L)Max. Engine Weight:410 lbs (185 kg)

Date added: 6-9-'10

Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

Brand: Boston Whaler
Model: Montauk 170
For decades, the Montauk® has been one of the world's favorite center consoles. With its simple, low-maintenance design and outstanding fuel economy, the 170 shows why. Propelled by a quiet, powerful and efficient 90-hp Mercury® EFI FourStroke, its modified V-hull is quick to plane and provides a smooth, extra-dry ride. The wide 6' 10" beam allows ample room inside for people and gear, including a spacious storage / anchor locker in the bow. The console sits high for excellent ergonomics, and the shallow 9-inch draft is perfect for backwater angling. Choose from exciting options like a recirculating livewell and upgraded stereo.

LOA: 17' 0" (5.18m)Beam: 6' 10" (2.08 m)
Draft:9" (.22 m)Weight (dry):1400 lbs (635 kg)
Swamped Capacity:3400 lbs (1542 kg)Persons Capacity:7
Max. Horsepower:60 HP (44.8 kW)Max. Weight Capacity:1650 lbs (748 kg)
Fuel Capacity:13.2 gallons (49.8 L)Max. Engine Weight:410 lbs (186 kg)

Date added: 6-9-'10

Boston Whaler 190 Montauk

Brand: Boston Whaler
Model: Montauk 190
At 19-feet long and with an 8-foot beam, the 190 is the roomiest, most feature-rich Montauk ever. This classic-style Boston Whaler® center console offers 360-degree fishability and is full of the kind of functional designs that Montauk owners demand: A built-in fuel tank; a stainless steel combination bow chock / navigation light at the bow; molded-in nonskid on the forward storage anchor locker hatch for secure footing; a reversible pilot seat with four locking positions for flexible seating options; three aft storage compartments; strategically placed stainless-steel grab rails for security in rough water; plus a Mercury 115-hp FourStroke outboard engine. Take it up a notch and choose the optional 150-hp Mercury Verado® for added performance.

LOA: 19' 0" (5.79m)Beam: 8' (2.43 m)
Draft:12" (.30 m)Weight (dry):1900 lbs (862 kg)
Swamped Capacity:4200 lbs (1905 kg)Persons Capacity:8
Max. Horsepower:90 HP (67 kW)Max. Weight Capacity:2500 lbs (1134 kg)
Fuel Capacity:60 gallons (227 L)Max. Engine Weight:530 lbs (240 kg)
Date added: 6-9-'10

Bayliner 185BR

Brand: Bayliner
Model: 185BR
The 185 knows the way to fun and sun. It gets you there with two comfortable and convenient seating arrangements, astounding spaciousness, a sleek, no-glare dash with padded steering wheel, and a host of options like an extended swim platform and Bayliner’s watersports-ready Flight Series Package.

LOA: 18'0" (5.49 m)Beam: 7'7" (2.31 m)
Draft (max):3'1" (.94 m)Weight:2,285 lbs (1,036 kg)
Swamped Capacity: - Persons Capacity:8
Max. Horsepower: - Max. Weight Capacity: -
Fuel Capacity:28 gal (106 L)Max. Engine Weight: -

Date added: 6-9-'10

MercPanga 26'

Brand: MercPanga
Model: 26'
Experience an undeniable smooth ride with Mercury's 2200 & 2600 MercPangas, featuring a Variable Deadrise making it a reliable and secure ride on the water. Power-driven by a single or your choice of dual Mercury outboards, these Pangas are sure to make your journey at sea an enjoyable one. Mercury's Pangas also feature 100% hand-laid fiberglass, hydraulic steering, leaning posts with back & foot rest, and complete shrink wrapping among other great features. MercPangas are 1 year limited hull warranty.

Length: 26'8Beam: 7'7.25"
Draft: - Weight (dry):2250 lbs

Date added: 6-9-'10


Brand: Laser Performance
Model: Sunfish
The Sunfish is the most popular recreational sailboat in history. Its classic design, unmatched stability and sailing ease are enjoyed by all ages. Owners appreciate the lightweight hull, which easily travels on the top of a car. The ultra-durable construction ensures years of maintenance-free enjoyment. Sailing trips are a breeze, just load the Sunfish on your car and go!

Length: 13' 9" (4.24m)Beam: 4' 1" (1.25 m)
Draft:2' 11" (0.64 m)Weight (hull):120 lbs (54.43 kg)
Transport:CartoppablePersons Capacity:1 - 2
Sail Area:75 ft2Optimal Weight:140/190 lbs (63/86 kg)
Skill Level:BeginnerRace Level:Club - Int.

Date added: 6-9-'10

Laser Radial

Brand: Laser Performance
Model: Laser Radial
The Laser Radial is a new Olympic class for 2008, based upon the same hull and equipment as the regular Laser. The combination of a 19% smaller sail and a shorter, more flexible mast create an excellent medium sized rig. Everything else is unchanged. The Laser Radial is raced at club, national and international levels.

Length: 13.78' (4.20m)Beam: 4.56' (1.39 m)
Draft:2.62' (0.80 m)Weight (hull):130 lbs (58.97 kg)
Transport:CartoppablePersons Capacity:1 - 2
Sail Area:75 ft2Optimal Weight:121/159 lbs (55/72 kg)
Skill Level:BeginnerRace Level:Club - Olympic

Date added: 6-9-'10


Brand: Laser Performance
Model: Pico
The Laser Pico is a fun, durable, confidence-inspiring, rotomolded boat that can be sailed by everyone. It's ideal for entry-level sailors and is equipped with a removable jib and reefing main sail for easy rigging.

Length: 11.48' (3.50m)Beam: 4.69' (1.43 m)
Draft:2.90' (0.88 m)Weight (hull):154.32 lbs (70 kg)
Transport:CartoppablePersons Capacity:1 - 3
Sail Area:55.33 ft2Optimal Weight:132/176 lbs (60/80 kg)
Skill Level:BeginnerRace Level:Club

Date added: 6-9-'10


Brand: Laser Performance
Model: Funboat
Now sailing is for everyone who wants to enjoy playing on the water. This is truly leisure sailing at its best. For millions of people, the Funboat is their first introduction to sailing, often when they are on vacation at worldwide resorts. The Funboat is durable, stable, easy to rig, and easy to sail. No centerboard means no hassle in leaving and returning to the beach; it’s easy to get in, push off and sail away.

Length: 12.80' (3.90m)Beam: 4.10' (1.25 m)
Draft:1.31' (0.40 m)Weight (hull):171.96 lbs (78 kg)
Transport:TrailerPersons Capacity:1 - 2
Sail Area:51.67 ft2Optimal Weight:99/331 lbs (45/150 kg)
Skill Level:BeginnerRace Level: -

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